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We design and develop Extreme Fast Charge (XFC) stations for EVs based on an integrated and fully DC-coupled solution, incorporating solar power, energy storage, intelligent energy management system (EMS) and EV charging.

Edison XFC is dedicated to addressing the “Charging Anxiety”, often cited as one of the biggest pain points to widespread EV adoption.

Edison XFC Stations, a Groundbreaking Solution Poised to Disrupt the EV Charging Infrastructure Market.

Our Solution

An innovative and novel approach to developing the next generation “Gasoline Station” with a fully integrated DC-DC microgrid enabled XFC network, independent of the Central Grid

Why DC-DC Microgrid?

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Self-sufficient local energy system to provide reliable and constant power supply with higher efficiency & minimal conversion Loss.

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Entirely green eco system to further reduce carbon footprint.

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Able to connect to the grid as backup or when higher electricity demand is needed.

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Inefficient power distribution from central grid. 8% – 15% of electricity were dissipated in transit from DC→AC→DC.

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Uninterrupted power supply. The U.S. central grid is often prone to outages.

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DC→DC output provides maximum power load to match EV charger and EV battery specs, ensuring optimal XFC charging rate.
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Intelligent controller with a high degree of sophistication to achieve lowest prices, cleanest energy and greatest electric reliability.

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Safer and more reliable self-generated green energy at much lower cost than central grid electricity cost.

Competitive Landscape in U.S.

Time required to charge most EVs from 10 – 80% or 50 kWh.

Tesla V3 Supercharger (250kW)
25 mins
ChargePoint (62.5kW)
60 mins
EVgo (175kW)
30 mins
Electrify America HyperCharger (350kW)
20 mins
Edison XFC
10 mins
Source: Public Filings, Company Information, MyEV


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